Makeup Evolution

Cost – do you get what you pay for?

It’s a great question. I highly recommend checking out these review videos on youtube. You find bad reviews for high end brands, good reviews for low end brands. You find inexpensive products that can replace products that are many times their price, or at least really close matches if they aren’t exact ones.

Reviews in magazines are just as interesting, you find a top ten list that includes drugstore brands and high end brands in the same list.

Buying in the high end stores and the department stores you have to be careful. If you ask a saleswomen if that lipstick looks good on you and you obviously like it, well what do you expect to hear? Plus she’s often on commission. Really the deck is stacked – best if you bring that friend who’s always the pain telling you things aren’t working.

I had a lovely experience today in Ulta (a big advantage to shopping on a Friday I think) and this lovely person helped me with picking on NYX products from the “drugstore” side of the store. She told me that NYX really had been a high end brand but had decided to go mass market. I really like their stuff, $20 for a highlighter palette if fantastic when one of those brands in Sephora is charging > $40 for a highlighter. Plus the palette can be used for more eye shadow shades if I want.

Foundation might be a case of getting what you pay for? But that might just be what I’m comparing. Perhaps the L’Oreal product was just meant to be more sheer and the other product was meant to cover better.

Learn by watching and reading

I had a recommendation for Cindy Crawford’s basic face book. You can get this for a very reasonable price and it is a great book for basics. I learned a good bit going through that. It is simple, but it isn’t because it is so easy to mess up simple. Does that make sense?

There’s a pro makeup artist who posts videos on you tube. He explains things pretty well. In many ways I like his videos better because he is teaching rather than purely demonstrating.

Learn by doing

Nothing beats actually doing it. What looks simple can be remarkably hard to pull off. I have hooded eyes, so I’m trying to learn this technique to deal with them. It consists of putting a slightly darker color that would normally be in the crease a little higher and shading the outside of the eye darker so it seems to fall away. The illusion is quite good. It takes real practice though.

This all takes practice. Start simple. Simple and well done beats fancy and sloppy any day.


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