I am to my love as my love is to me*

We met again on Winter’s day
colder by far
than month of May
bold colors gone
petals astray
frosty words grew heavy

From where came you?
I ask of her
Farther than yon
North starts there
Beyond twelve rivers
I crossed them fair
With all bold angels waiting

To where had you gone
she asked me
You who I
no longer see?
I traveled by
the moonlit path
Starlight bridges
brought me there
To Elvish court
I did appear

Shall we again
chance to meet?
I think not, no,
she answers me
Not sup nor bowl
of love grown sweet
Can pull us hence
from mind’s retreat

And if it could
on warm Spring’s day
What would be wrought
on that May day?
Would curse be lifted
and let us be
That you and I
Ever could be

Our future to hold
In one true land
Hold each other
Hand in hand
There in warmth
Could we stand?

(the title is a rough translation from the Hebrew ani l’dodi v’dodi li. But I can’t say this poem is as warm as the Song of Songs)


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