Biology and SRS

When I was visiting with the GYN I was telling her how blown away I am that all this stuff is possible and works so well. I said a lot of this to her – I’m hoping she would have stopped me rather than agreeing if I was wrong, so here are some of my small wonders.

My first real wonder is finding out that almost nothing in our bodies cares about our genetic sex. Lots of stuff cares about hormones and hormones affect development profoundly, but aside from programming the gonads there isn’t a whole lot else that happens from genetics.

Then there’s nature’s reuse of a good system for men and women. The same hormonal pathways result in the release of an egg and the production of sperm.

We can do cross sex hormone therapy because nature doesn’t cue the estrogen receptors only for women and androgen receptors only for men.

We take skin from the penis and scrotum and graft it to form a vagina. It enervates with the same nerves that the normal vagina would have and actually takes on many of the characteristics of a natal vagina.

Who would expect that the sensations from this neovagina would be so nice given the right kind of stimulation? What makes the brain wire it up that way and not some other way?

In fact, where my expectations had been somewhat modest, I’ve found I ended up with a vagina that is very normal in every sense. The vulva looks like it looks, but those tend to be like snowflakes anyway.

I’m entirely amazed that the sensations associated with orgasm appear (at least initially) to be quite different. That’s a case where a lot of the “wiring” was just being reused as it were. I’d be less confident, but I’ve read descriptions that match my experience pretty closely.



One thought on “Biology and SRS

  1. The Neo-vagina can be amazing thing. I am very happy that you got good results and are very pleased with your vagina. I am 2 years post-op and very pleased too:).


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