Building a full time guide

There’s a new set of pages I’m building. It’s meant to be a compilation and retrospective of lessons learned, advice, and other info on going full time. It’s going to grow over a period of time. The main page is up and the first child page is up. Please feel free to comment. It’s oriented…… Continue reading Building a full time guide

A Lesbian, not a man

We’ve probably all heard the quip, but if you haven’t, the group whit responds to hearing about a transwoman being a lesbian with “I guess I’ve always been a lesbian too”, or perhaps more dismissively something like “Well he’s just a man then, men like women”. Aside from the fact that not all men want…… Continue reading A Lesbian, not a man

Wonders never cease

I keep getting sources of amusement from the fraudsters online. I know I should just block them but the misuse of the English language and quaint mistakes are hard to ignore. I don’t think they really know how early they give off signals. This latest one, supposedly 60 miles away, really? Kinda far to drive…… Continue reading Wonders never cease

Transition’s End

It has to happen with all things and so it does with transition as well. There comes a day when you think very little about whether people see you as a woman. Then another day when you don’t talk about trans issues with friends and see them liven up because that is all you’ve talked…… Continue reading Transition’s End

To All the Good Men

I’ve known so many good men, and I still do. Men who would not think to touch a woman against her wishes, men who would not stand by while another was doing such either. Yet I’ve heard things over the years, excuses made for bad behavior and assumptions about what some things must be. Date…… Continue reading To All the Good Men

A Girl’s First Wardrobe

I was posting on a forum I’m on and it occurred to me that the advice was useful for any trans women just starting out. This is the advice I would have liked to have had in the Fall of 2013 and I started to seriously buy clothing and accessories. Clothing Buy as much of…… Continue reading A Girl’s First Wardrobe