Clothing – Skirts

Why skirts? Well, I’m trying to find some work appropriate skirts right now, so they happened to be on my mind. They became the target of opportunity as it were. Skirts and dresses are also toward the top of what distinguishes men’s and women’s wear. Just look at the icon they use for the bathroom.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that skirts are incredibly popular for casual wear, although I’ve found loose casual skirts rather nice this long hot summer, but they are a staple of the office wardrobe. Let’s start with the basics.

There are two basic variables in a skirt. One is length the other is the shape. The other factor is what you’re wearing on your legs.

  • Bare legged – most modesty required. If you’re bare legged and the skirt is too short and it rides up your underwear may well show,  not a good thing anywhere
  • Pantyhose – nude hose is pretty  much like bare legged and honestly black hose isn’t that much better unless they are on the thick side
  • Tights – tights are opaque and thick enough to cover up your bottom. A skirt riding up may not be perfect but it isn’t a scandal either.

Now if one is young and has nice slender smooth legs with no lumpy fat, well then count your blessings. Even young women sometimes have imperfect legs. Here’s the thing. If it shows everyone sees it, if it doesn’t, the brain fills in this nice perfect thing under the clothing. Isn’t that nice? At some level this means that floor length dresses and skirts are perfect since you have perfect legs as they are unseen.

Now me, I don’t have perfect legs. They aren’t too bad below my knees but starting with the knees they just get worse as you move up and up. I’m also tall in female terms at 5′ 10″ or maybe that’s  5′ 9″ these days. However, if you buy a skirt meant to be just at the knees for a average sized woman of 5′ 4″ then at 5′ 9″ it will now be 3″ above the knee and a whole different effect.

What it all means is that there’s a lot to consider when buying these articles of clothing. A skirt or a dress for dating or a party can and probably will be more revealing and more “fun” than something for the office. At least I hope you wouldn’t consider that chic strappy thing with the open back for office wear…. Yet it also means that at some point trying to look hot might just make you look desperate or even a little detached thinking that people want to see their 80 year old grandmother in short shorts.

If you’re trans you probably don’t have a great hip/waist ratio. Here’s what we should strive for:

  1. A line skirts are your friend. You want a skirt that flares out a bit and creates a hip line even if you have very little or none. Peplums are in the same category.
  2. Unless you’re under 30 skirts shouldn’t be higher than 2 or 3 inches above the knee. Lower as you get older. Sit down in the skirt or dress before you buy it so you know what’s going to happen – it matters. Don’t ignore long skirts and mid-calf or tea length skirts, they can be really beautiful.
  3. For office wear it’s nice if the skirts are solid, then you can put together lots of outfits by varying the top. Patterns skirts are more difficult, at least I don’t have a lot of solid tops and getting lots of patterned skirts – I don’t know  where I’d store them.






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