Shuffle Down

Age leads to wisdom
Some men say
Crazy and deluded
Come what may
End your life in riches
Like Midas if you please
Remember though later
Was like a disease

And the world turns round
The cymbals chime
And the girls dressed in lavender
Sure keep good time
They dance you to the center
Spin you three times roundThen you laugh as heavens open
And the angels land about
Like you’re Elvis the impersonator
Just – Found – Out

All dressed in blue
Coming down from on high
A rictus plastered on her like
A cardboard clown’s cry
She’s covered all in finery
But don’t look through
Cause the devil is no angel
And he’s laughing at you

There’s an snowman there
With a thorny iron crown
Says he’ll beat the world at checkers
Beat them on the town
They ply him with  women
And the ply him with gold
They ply him with drugs
That will eat your soul
And when we last see him
His suitcase in hand
Just tryin to figure out
Where he’s stayin

When the morning comes
and dawn rises over
Like the scene after Gettysburg
When the war’s almost over
People in the lobby
People on the stairs
And the clothing
I’ll tell you
Was not in repair

And still playing his sax
3 quarter time
Was the devil making hay
Whenever that sweet, sweet sun……
Do shine


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