A Day of Bones

The start, the end
The year circles like a snake, tail to mouth
Reaching infinity, reaching nowhere, traveling forever without motion
The dawn breaks with a flare of horns and we are blinded by the spirit
An adulation rises from the crowd that prays for mercy, healing, help
The light rises over head and the horns blow and the cymbals crash

I am alone
In a wet bedraggled marshy place
It is far from any town
I have come to resonate with hashem
I do not have the funds to pay the ticket
To sit in the fine wood chairs in a wool suit

Like the boy playing the ocarina
My prayers were not voiced
My hopes were not spoken
I communed with nature, I hoped for better days

The light shining down sees all
Great and small but sees them all the same
With no care to station, with no care to color, with no care to religion
It sees their hearts, what they love, who they hate
How they give, what they take

At the end? What have you at the end and what do you leave?
Love is your parting gift
To children, to lovers, to companions along the way, to friends
Love writes your poem

Love’s warm glow
Keeps some part
With them


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