Getting your Colors

I know this woman C. I first met C some twenty and more years ago. I was younger and she was younger and it was a different time. I knew her name but we didn’t work together. Since then many things have happened.

C has given me many pieces of good advice. I’ve taken some and not others. Some I’ve taken after more thought. It could be that I have yet to take in all the wisdom that she’s trying to get by my defenses. It could be I’m not totally ready for entirely adult clothing yet.

For some months she’s been telling me about getting one’s colors done. Finding out what shades and colors and such that work and don’t work. If someone told me that early I believe that I would have understood it in a general way but I doubt I really would have gotten it. Yet at this point I knew that I had stuff that didn’t work. So I was ready at last to do this.

D, my electrologist, did my colors. She sat me down in an ordinary chair, draped a white cloth around my neck and handed me a mirror so I could see my head and the upper part of my body.

She then put various colors up against the bottom of my face – kindof the way a shirt might come up around the bottom.

Surprisingly I realized right away how each color did. This wasn’t at all subtle. It worked or it failed. Some colors were in the middle, but why bother with them? There were many others that worked really well.

Some surprises – I can’t wear pink unless it is at least as dark as fuchsia. Mint green and pale yellow work – not something I would have guessed. Stark black is something I should avoid.

Go do your colors. Your wardrobe will be simpler and work better.


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