Wonders never cease

I keep getting sources of amusement from the fraudsters online. I know I should just block them but the misuse of the English language and quaint mistakes are hard to ignore. I don’t think they really know how early they give off signals.

This latest one, supposedly 60 miles away, really? Kinda far to drive but whatever I don’t mind chatting with someone. Then says she is in North Carolina, which if I believe Google is around 800 miles away. A bit out of car distance.

She tells me she’s a Seamstress (sic) and designs clothing – ok, which? When I ask she says fashion designer (also capitalized, they need better tutors). Funny, and her list of interests is amazing.

She’s in NC, right? She’s gay, right??? So what about HB-2 and the gov’n? Oh, I’m not into politics. Really, even when it involves your basic civil rights? (no answer yet)

Yes, I’m sure this is really a lonely 50 year old lesbian pining for my answer at her computer keyboard. Did I mention the first response was at 3AM or about 10AM middle european? Hmm, another from the Balkans maybe?

She gets another round for my amusement before I block her. I’m not amused that the site hasn’t yet introduced any verification methods or report options for identifying people as scammers.

Please be careful out there girls and boys.

Remember the golden rules and they always apply, not just to this:

  • If it’s too good to be true it is. “Really, I just need $500 to get the money unlocked, I’ll pay you back and $2K for your troubles. It will take 10 minutes”, “They say I need to pay $300 for my passport for <fill country in here> before I can apply for  visa”, or the ever favorite “My name is Grand Prince IamSoTruthWorthinessAndHoly, I have chosen you because of your beautiful and obviously gullible face to hand over your personal information and bank account number so I can drain it dry. Good luck getting  mother Russia to refund your money, bwaHAHAHAHA”
  • People who come from places where English is spoken should know how to do so. People who don’t but have spent a lot of time here should too. If they use bad grammar and poor word choices beware.
  • Ask questions about the jobs they have and places they live that someone who really lives there would know, like the construction by North Station or Mrs Bartletts by Harvard Yard. These guys don’t do hard research so it doesn’t take much. Ask them who they work for and what they do and find out if the company exists and hires people like that. I had someone claiming at the same time to be a computer engineer working leading a peacekeeping US Army ground force in Syria. Wow. No army presence in Syria, no current UN peacekeeping force (US doesn’t do that anyway), and what the heck would a computer engineer be doing leading such a force?
  • Never, ever give out personal information, especially personally identifiable information before you have a reason to trust them: Real name, home address, state, zip code, email, telephone.
  • Refuse to leave the message system from the dating site until you are comfortable they aren’t any kind of threat, a scammer or someone else you don’t want having your phone number or email.
  • Never, ever give out credit card numbers, debit card numbers, social security numbers, account numbers or anything else that might unlock information about you, or information about brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, or children that might be used as identification of some kind. Not until you’ve been together long enough as a couple (not dating) to not worry about their ethics.

The above may be pedantic, but I’ve made my share of mistakes too. I’m not immune. Try your best.


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