SRS T+13 months

I was reminded by a post in the forum I belong to about all the time and changes this last year has brought since the surgery was performed. On the plus side I really have only one “complication” which is the narrowing at the opening. I’ve been given advice on how to get that resolved,…… Continue reading SRS T+13 months

Transgender Faith

I suppose that at heart I’m a theist. It isn’t that I have a traditional image of God as a bearded man with a long flowing beard with a white tunic shouting “Let there be light”. I am amazed  to contemplate the complexity and wonder of the universe and question the origins of creation. These…… Continue reading Transgender Faith

The Holidays

This time of the year that brings thoughts of home and hearth, peace and joy can be especially trying for those living by themselves, isolated. There are a lot of reasons this happens, for trans people because people and family have turned away, but it also happens if you outlive your friends and contemporary family…… Continue reading The Holidays

Confirmation Bias

This doesn’t sound like it has much to do with being trans, right? I’ll ask for you patience while I explain what it is, and then I’ll say how it affects us. Confirmation bias is the phenomenon where the brain filters information based on a decision. The dictionary definition: The tendency to interpret new evidence…… Continue reading Confirmation Bias

What About Regrets?

Poor information is often worse than no information at all. I watched a YouTube video where a young 20 something woman gave out both good and some bad information. This included some information that is critical for people considering a transition to know, hence the links in the next paragraph. The following link to the…… Continue reading What About Regrets?