SRS one year after

It has been a year, a few days shy anyway. I’d say the healing is complete. Perhaps the scars under my breasts are still a little pink, but I am not at all sure you would say they aren’t healed.

My breasts aren’t quite there with respect to sensation. The right (facing me) is well ahead of the left. Both are reasonable at this point but probably have a few months to go to get to a point where there is no numbness left. Perhaps there will always be a little. Hopefully not.

They are both soft and in a natural spot. There has been no problem with encapsulation and them becoming hard. It no doubt helps that there was a decent amount of my own tissue there to start with, but the implants weren’t small. Most important was following the daily regimen of moving them about to keep the scars from tightening.

Vaginoplasty is still a bit of a sore (sic) spot. I recently had to contact the surgeon because while most of the neovagina was fine, the entrance was experiencing some stenosis (shrinking) and that was causing pain and problems for dilation.

The advice was to dilate more often, so I’m now trying to get two sessions in a day, and to stretch the opening every time I use the bathroom. The third recommendation I’ve had trouble figuring out how to make work – it was to use a condom and fill it with gauze squares to hold the stretched out opening after dilation so it would stay that way for a period of time. I understand in principal, but it has proven very difficult to make happen in practice.

He said that if this doesn’t work he can do a relatively minor revision to give me more room and allow me to dilate properly. I’m hoping to avoid that, so we’ll see where I get to by January when I’ll see him.

Otherwise things are behaving themselves and I’m satisfied with the surgery. Some things are being elusive, but it gets better each month so I have good reason to hope that before long everything will be very good indeed.


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