Womyn Only

A short post, but I have to get this off my chest. I was looking through the meetup groups and saw a lesbian group that seemed appropriate. I’m looking at the info on the group and get to the bottom. Women born women only. Really! Why? What exactly is the threat or the problem for these people.

I was talking just hours before with a work girlfriend about identity politics and the problems with it. The constant us and them. The separation definitively imposed. The original feminists not including lesbians, the gay rights movement excluding transgender people, the transgender group crying our pain is greater. In fact every group crying you can’t understand our pain.

These days we’ve added trans exclusionary radical feminists and I find particularly ironic queer women who won’t accept trans women. The big monkey beats up the smaller monkey beats up the smallest monkey. So it goes on. I get to express my unhappiness at being badly treated by treating you badly. Way to lead by example, modelling the behaviors you hope others will follow. What, that’s not the idea?

The only boundary I think is reasonable is for a female group involving complete nudity to insist that participants appear female when disrobed. I can certainly understand why that would be impossible for many to ignore. I also think it would be reasonable to accept it. The physical changes to even the “male” genitalia on HRT is pretty striking, but I can’t say I wouldn’t understand and far too many women have been victims of sexual violence to ask for it to be ignored.



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