PEOTUS we pray you find wisdom

I don’t have great hope given the early signs. I was hoping you would back away from your positions on muslims and  ease the fears of all the  legitimate immigrants in the country. If anything their worst fears are being fanned into ever higher flames.

I hoped that with the election behind you might have taken the time to read the bill of rights to the constitution, instead I see a complaint about protesters and a continuation of paranoia that they are “professional” protesters. I’ve got news for you. More people voted against you than for you. You say divisive hateful things. People don’t need to be paid to protest. Go read the first amendment. Read the part about protected speech, and by the way, pay special attention to the freedom of the press part. Those founders were pretty smart guys. Listen carefully.

Start saying things that bring us together. Things like Christians, Muslims and Jews all pray to the same God.

Also, just in case you’ve missed this point, of the arguably terrorist attacks that have happened in the US over the past years since 9/11, about 8 people involved were muslim. The rest were, um, Americans. Like the bastard who shot and killed those children in Connecticut, the one who shot and killed tens of people in a theater, and more and more. How many people did Timothy McVeigh kill? More than 100. He was white, should all whites have to register?

Don’t tell me these weren’t terrorist attacks – the dead victims can’t tell the difference and neither can their families or their communities. Does it matter what kind of mental illness brought them to do these things?

I first was concerned when you picked Mike Pence as your running mate. Then Governor Pence has an interesting record.

He said gay couples signaled ‘societal collapse’ and “societal collapse was always brought about following an advent of the deterioration of marriage and family.” (

He opposed a law that would prohibit discrimination against LGBT people in the workplace because “wages war on freedom and religion in the workplace.” (, 2007)

He doesn’t seem terribly concerned with the civil rights of LGBT people and protecting us against discrimination.

Now people have said he supports conversion therapy. This according to is not true. He has also been criticised for his position on the transgender bathroom bill in North Carolina stating that it should be determined at the state level.

As much as it pains me, I believe that is the only way forward. I don’t believe forcing the issue will ever be a successful strategy. In fact, until the issue was forced, it was largely a non-issue. Legislation mostly follows the public sentiment, it doesn’t force it.

To his credit, he doesn’t agree with Trump’s hideous view on Muslims. .

But on women’s rights he is unsurprisingly against abortion, and would like to defund planned parenthood

He made some pretty idiotic comments about condoms and disease protection back around 2000, so let’s hope he’s had some education.




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