Transgender Faith

I suppose that at heart I’m a theist. It isn’t that I have a traditional image of God as a bearded man with a long flowing beard with a white tunic shouting “Let there be light”. I am amazed  to contemplate the complexity and wonder of the universe and question the origins of creation. These days there are serious scientists asking if we live in a simulation. It seems like some conception of God may well exist from that viewpoint as well. All I know is I have my moments when I send thoughts out there and hope they are heard.

Yet being a theist isn’t the same thing as believing that mankind has a concept of what such a being is or would want or care about. I follow a specific faith because I was raised Jewish and it is much less confusing to pay attention to one set of rules. It is the rules that trip us up when mixing modern understanding of being gay or trans and the bible.


My own personal feeling is that having been born this way, having been driven to desperation I can only conclude one of three things:

  • God does not exist or cares nothing for human suffering
  • God exists, and being kind expects me to do my best to end the suffering
  • God exists, and being cruel wants me to either suffer onto death or to end my life

Ignoring the first point, because it doesn’t change the decision, let’s consider the other two. If I posit a cruel God then I have no winning action. Although Judaism is not united on the idea of an afterlife, the notion that one is setup to fail and then be punished for the failure seems particularly perverse.

If I posit a kind God then I can only expect that acting in my own self interest while doing no or minimal harm is the right thing to do.

The very principle, that humans are made in the image of god, is used to criticise various things people have done to alter their bodies and doubtless GCS as well. If one views GCS and other procedures for a trans person as curative then I can’t see how they differ from other life saving surgeries that are considered ok.

Ultimately I reconcile faith with my reality by the thought that the mind of our creator is not within our grasp to know, and even if words written 3-4 thousand years ago came from someone somehow inspired by the creator they were still written down by fallible people.

For LGBT Jews in the US, consider looking at Keshet:



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