SRS T+13 months

I was reminded by a post in the forum I belong to about all the time and changes this last year has brought since the surgery was performed. On the plus side I really have only one “complication” which is the narrowing at the opening. I’ve been given advice on how to get that resolved, if it doesn’t resolve following the non-surgical advice, a small bit of correction should deal with it.

Over the course of a few months after the initial surgery the newly minted and configured female genitalia slowly stopped being swollen, and stopped being hypersensitive in a very annoying and not a pleasant way. It didn’t resolve suddenly, it just went by degrees.

Over months and months the nerves recreated their connections, although in many cases these were not the same nerves. Those new areas then did not either look or feel as the original area had. For areas like the inside of the neovaginal this was really interesting, what had been elsewhere was now connected to nerves in my pelvis.

Another sensation that was slow to resolve was actually the feeling of the former penis being trapped inside my body. This is apparently pretty common and as with other things just takes time. In fact the brain over time does quite a bit of remapping. Sometimes I have a new sensation from what had been interpreted as elsewhere by my brain, but over time the brain remaps and reinterprets.

It took 2 months to go back to work, but about two more months to be working at 90%. After six months work was normal but some fatigue persisted, almost nine hours of surgery and major reconfigurations are not easy on your body.

I guess my only real disappointment is that everything isn’t 100% resolved at this point. I don’t like the idea of having to have even the very minor surgery it would take to correct the narrowing, but I won’t hesitate if that’s needed for everything to be right.

I thought after the first two years on hormones I would have seen most of everything that would change. I’m noticing though that the fat is still moving very slowly around. My leg shape is changing just a small amount and where I still had some dimples in my rear, that’s been padded out a bit with more padding. I still see small amounts of change to the part of my scalp that I keep hidden. The progress is glacial there but I’m so curious to see how far it gets.

On the breast augmentation, the breasts feel softer and have settled down a bit since the surgery. The scars underneath are no longer easy to see. There are still small areas of numbness, slightly ¬†more on the right than the left. I’m very happy with the cosmetics of the results.

The only negatives on having had the BA is that where some clothing didn’t fit right before because they were small, now there are styles that are inappropriate for the opposite reason. Also, it definitely has caused issues with a few articles of clothing that fit ok before but now were pulled too much and couldn’t be worn.


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