We, each of us, have a story that tells how we become who we are as adults and as the people we are today. These are some of my signposts. Some are subtle, but most are not even close. As I transitioned I lived my life again. I recalled times, thoughts and events from twenty,…… Continue reading Remembering…

Use our Names and Pronouns Please

Slightly edited from a post I made on Quora: I at times struggle even with my new sex and presentation. I have bad mornings when I think nobody can hear me, see me, or accept me as a woman. I am starting to go to great lengths to not out myself. It turns out it…… Continue reading Use our Names and Pronouns Please


It is not a simple thing, and antipathy, anger, hatred and humiliation heavily outweigh forgiveness as a force for the good.┬áIn some parts of the world instead of forgiveness we have a stone box holding in the anger and shame, too often followed by the death of a daughter or sister who has been seen…… Continue reading Forgivenes

From HRT to New Years

The fall of 2013 was a busy time after I started HRT. Let’s start with the effects of HRT, and I’ll talk about that to more recent minor changes. HRT Changes To start with, remember that this is my timeline and yours could be very different. It would have been great if things happened quicker,…… Continue reading From HRT to New Years

The road less travelled by

With apologies to Robert Frost for stealing those five words. One of my favorite poets. That too one of my favorite poems, “I took the road less travelled by and that made all the difference” The road stretches onward, the path is strewn with glass, There is bold destiny, climbing to the pass And endless…… Continue reading The road less travelled by