When I was a Girl

When I was a girl, I played with the boys,
Cops and robbers and all the boy’s toys
When I was a girl, My hair was not long,
I would have liked dresses how I felt wrong
Some dreams don’t happen I thought with a sigh

I was a girl, but I hid inside,
I had to hide there,  the boy was outside
The shell that I built, so hard and strong
I was inside, comfy and warm
No one could see me, there I did hide

Dungarees, skinned knees, a toy rocket flew high,
Sometimes I’d laugh, sometimes I’d cry
About the dull sadness of a childhood misspent,
Yearning for something, but life it was lent
To another reality, one big fat lie

Test tubes and beakers, chemistry and biology
physics and math were mere symbology
dear uncle Albert, soon to be there?
Still with my feelings handled with care
An still the girl hid, her eyes wide and blue

At last as a grownup my wings do spread wide
my hair long and flowing I skip, take a ride
and so my dear sisters who doubt, some will too
I waited for seasons that would make me new
rough on the outside, but inside like you


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