The road less travelled by

With apologies to Robert Frost for stealing those five words. One of my favorite poets. That too one of my favorite poems, “I took the road less travelled by and that made all the difference”

The road stretches onward, the path is strewn with glass,
There is bold destiny, climbing to the pass
And endless climb there we see, it stretches long and thin,
But pain there is at every step, then you see fair Katlyn

She plies with milk and honey, rest for poor cut feet,
A truly wide and easy path, with plenty there to eat,
But when you see her easy path, covered with wretched poor,
Crushed beneath the wagon wheels of those who call the score

Then you see her face so true, no notice had you made,
Of scornful mien and hateful gaze the road that she had laid,
Then you know how her road goes on and who it causes pain,
Forth you choose the harder path, trudging on again


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