From HRT to New Years

The fall of 2013 was a busy time after I started HRT. Let’s start with the effects of HRT, and I’ll talk about that to more recent minor changes.

HRT Changes

To start with, remember that this is my timeline and yours could be very different. It would have been great if things happened quicker, but despite some of the stories, that’s not how it goes, at least not for me or anyone else I’ve heard of.

The early changes were an improvement in mood, which I always wonder if it’s a placebo effect given how hard we  work to get there. The next change was a softening of my skin. It was very sensitive for a long time, as in a year or who after. Opening jars and such were harder, not because of strength, but because it hurt. The epilator no longer was an option on my arms and it became excruciating.

Toward the end of this time, roughly three months in I had small breast buds going. Breasts take a long time to grow, and believe it or not that’s true for natal women as well. They don’t wake up one morning with 34C cups, and neither will you. Most end up with an A or B cup. About a year later I had modest size B cup sized breasts.

After HRT started I stopped using breast forms, they were fake and frankly it doesn’t matter how big your chest is as far as passing so I decided to not bother.

There weren’t many other changes. Fat redistribution, to the extent it happens appears to take years. Body hair thinning and often stopping also takes a while. Three years post HRT I now have a pretty bare back, but the last two summers I had my back waxed.

Ultimately if you want full, well shaped breasts you will probably need breast augmentation. However, there’s no particular reason you have to have them.

Legal Name Change

In Massachusetts the process for a legal name change is simple, but figure on at least a month to get the paperwork back. A modest fee to the probate court and an application and you’re all set. Filed in November, returned in December.


I’ve covered this before, but the focus was on what you should do, not the mistakes I made. Until January I was doing ok with weight at 190 lbs or a few more. I fit into a size 14 and the big problem was that it didn’t stay that way.

Partially due to medication changes, partly due to the effects of hormones I went from fitting into size 12 pants to size 16 and honestly more like an 18 now. That’s six inches of waist – not one of the happier aspects of HRT. On the other hand I have a bit of a butt and hips and that’s not so bad. The big thighs are a bit too big for  my taste but I don’t really care.

I had spent a number of weekends at the outlet mall buying hundreds of dollars of clothing. With the weight gain that all became expensive cloth and wasn’t useful for clothing. It’s because of this that I recommend buying a modest amount until things are more stable.

What you buy depends on what you do. If you work in an office you should probably figure on buying one or two skirts and one or two dresses. Buy a pair of black pants. If it’s winter consider cardigans and pullovers, in the summer tank shirts can be layered. Light summer weight cotton sweaters are another option.

Panties and bras. You want a couple of weeks of panties. You should think carefully about bras unless you really need them at that point. A camisole will cover things and is far, far more comfortable. When you do need bras figure on a minimum of three to start. You’ll end up with many more.

Hose: have a number of pairs of knee hi’s, black is fine. In the winter several pairs of tights in black is a good idea both as hosiery and as thermal underwear on really cold days. Stick with dark colors like charcoal, navy blue and brown.

In the summer you can go bare legged if your work allows it. If you need pantyhose then buy sheer hose either in nude or black. Plan and destroying more than a few. This will happen less if you’re honest about your size.

Shoes: It kind of depends on what size you are. Unless you have small feet you’ll need to do mail order. Like elsewhere buy appropriate shoes for the season. Sandles in summer, pumps in fall and spring, boots in winter. My opinion. Buy good shoes, you won’t outgrow them and good shoes are better on your feet and will last longer.

Holidays that Fall

We managed to go to my sister’s place for thanksgiving, and after I dropped her at her mom’s, which I was not allowed entry. Christmas was worse in that her mom was making demands and even agreeing to them wasn’t enough, so we ended up at home.

On the good side we ate at a really nice restaurant.






One thought on “From HRT to New Years

  1. I just did a blog about the whole name and gender marker change. That whole process is a mess. Not so much for the name change, but for the gender marker as each needs their own form or requisite. The problem I have run into is that there is a simple form to be signed by doctor for gender marker for birth certificate. However, she referred it to her legal department and it has been in limbo since mid-November. GLAD lawyers are sending a request for update for me. Sad part, is that form doesn’t work for Social Security and I will need a separate letter also signed by the doctor. Ugh. My name is changed for most things and have been full time since July.


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