SRS T+14 months

The narrowing (stenosis) of the vaginal opening is being held at bay by the lovely silicone dilators my gynecologist has given me. I still use one of the solid ones a couple times a week to make sure the depth stays where it is. The silicone dilators (made by Soul Source) are each tapered, which makes trying to stretch things a great deal more comfortable.

However, I’m making little if any progress at getting the opening to be large enough. I have started to arrange a consult at Boston Medical Center to schedule revision surgery to remove the scarring and possibly some other minor changes since I’ll need general anesthesia and that area is going to be uncomfortable regardless.

Ironically they want to referral letters to schedule this consult. I tried arguing since this isn’t for GCS, but in the end it is often easier to just give people what they want. Arguing just delays things needlessly. I’m hoping to get in to see them late January.

I decided to use BMC for a couple of different reasons, but the main thing is that I can drive or take the train in. If there’s any uncertainty about needing a night or two in the hospital it won’t affect my travel plans. I would have loved to go back to Dr Leis in Philadelphia, he was an is a superb surgeon, but travelling back to Philly would be at least $1000 plus some uncertainty meaning that the flight, car and any hotel would be harder to book.

I’m hoping that by Spring my revision will be done, substantially healed and that any issues with narrowing will be resolved.

On another subject I’ve now past the magic point where everything completely functions. It did take awhile, but it made for a nice holiday gift. My breasts are still slightly numb in some areas, but it isn’t a big thing. I’m guessing that this will pass as the year goes by.



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