According to the gospel of monsieur Charles le brun, happiness is a nickle, ice cream and singing a song among other things. I’ve always love those comics and the music for the Happiness song from “You’re a good man Charlie Brown” was always a sweet tune to me. Who among us would not want to recapture the innocence an unjaded view of a world all new, at least for a few minutes, and maybe without having to eat vegetables.

For me, and it would seem to be a common feeling, there is joy in many aspects of being a woman. We have a great deal of freedom in how we dress and how we present to the world. At least in most of the western world, at least if we aren’t in a bad relationship, at least if we aren’t burdened with problems that see little, if any help from the community.

Let’s also not forget about the need to protest to attain women’s suffrage, and the disrespect and unequal pay many working woman receive…. oh my goodness, I sound like a feminist.

Consider the attitude of the men who made some of the following statements in response to a youtube video about mistakes men make in bed (some naughty words removed):

  • “this is so dumb your trying to say that’s what women say but that’s (bleep) stupid you didn’t even take in consideration kinks weather your top or bottom this is just a sexist view from a women”
  • “That’s PC bro. A straight man talking about sex=rape and misogyny.”
  • “I hate how women speak as if women are perfect and the standard to base and judge men by. It’s obvious that women think they are perfect and men are the stupid, uneducated sex that needs to be trained. Women, get over yourselves!!! Women are constantly patting themselves on the back.”
  • “A guy wanting to know if you came or not is an obvious one, because ya (nasty word)s like to fake that shit from time to time.”

Sadly I didn’t have to dig to get these. I can say that I have met no women claiming they are perfect. I wasn’t aware that women wanting to be part of the fun was stupid or that it mattered much about their kinks/top/bottom as the first poster mentions. I’ve been sheltered though.

Then there’s the second poster who said some nasty stuff in response to a comment I made. I guess he was offended by a delusional person having an opinion. I informed him that he could go have coitus with himself.

And that last guy, really, you had to use the most offensive word possible to a woman?

I haven’t yet dared to try dating the hairier sex, and these comments aren’t very encouraging. Yet I also remember all the men I’ve known well and how little this really resembles how they spoke and acted. There’s something about the anonymity and lack of consequence that brings out the worst people and the worst in people.

I hope our daughters live better than us, and our grandaughters in a better world still where men and women are valued equally.


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