First Event

The Boston Area has the distinction of holding the first transgender event of the year. I was actually floored at the banquet last night when they said the attendance was around 800 people. OMG! Lots of locals, but some people flew in too.

I’ve been going for four years. This year I primarily went to see my surgeon for a follow up, but I also enjoyed a couple of talks and schmoozing and dinner. I met some very nice people. It’s definitely a different sort of thing to do; I haven’t quite sorted out my feelings.

If you’re trans and live around Boston check out the First Event website. If you need a place to go to dress or be surrounded by people who understand then check the Tiffany Club of New England’s website. I will say that I’ve never seen a trans man there.

There are other events around the country. I’m sure there are more than I’m aware of but here are the ones I do know of:

Add others in the comments below, US or otherwise.


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