From Quora: Daughter’s Taking Gender Studies…

My daughter is taking gender studies at college and now she tells me I am a male oppressor. Should I keep paying her tuition?

The short answer is yes. Although I might ask what she’s going to do for a living with a BA in women’s studies.

Parents don’t or at least shouldn’t engage in petty behavior, even if their kid does. However, it might be worthwhile to use the opportunity to engage her. Find out why she’s labeling you. Maybe point out people aren’t labels.

I spent a couple of years supporting my daughter despite her being upset and not taking to me. She had all kinds of reasons until she finally realized she actually did have a problem with her father becoming a woman. Who would have thunk that? We’re doing better, but things would not have been helped had I cut her off for being mean to me. Would it?

Your kid will resent you absolutely forever if you cut her off financially for this. Don’t.


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