From Quora: Do transgender people still love being in the body of the gender they identify as, even if the body is ugly (fat or not muscular)?

As a trans woman I felt bad being in a male body no matter my age or state of fitness. When I was young I actually was in decent shape. Age, thou art a cruel bitch.

With a female body that feeling is gone. I like being in my body as a woman. I like being shaped like a woman. I like having breasts, I like having female genitalia and I like having soft skin and much less hair.

I don’t particularly like that I’m so overweight right now. But that dislike isn’t the same kind of feeling at all. It won’t make me suicidal. It won’t drive me to despair.

And ugly is in the eye of the beholder. Much of ugly or beauty is the soul, not the packaging.


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