From Quora: I want my child to not be transgender

I’ve spent a good deal of time answering questions on quora, I think some are worth cross posting here.


How can I stop my daughter from being transgender? I walked in on him watching homosexual porn the other night, and I am concerned. I have already taken him off his hormones. Please do not post answers that say, “Let him be,” or “You can’t stop him from being transgender.” I legitimately want her to become a normal girl and have success in life

I don’t have the energy for a long answer. You have two real choices. Be supportive and you have a decent chance to continue a good relationship with her. Be unsupportive and no matter what happens you lose your child.

She will always be trans, it is an innate thing. Don’t believe the people who say the can cure it or it really is caused by something else (which they can’t identify). It isn’t easy to understand or accept, not even for us. Don’t make it harder.

To be blunt, do you want to find her dead as a suicide one day? 40% of trans kids attempt suicide. I wouldn’t roll those dice.

Frankly, if there were a way to let her be normal I’d be all for it, and I suspect most of the other trans men and trans women would be too. Do you think we want her to suffer? So you think we wanted to suffer? Are you so foolish as to think that this could ever be a choice made freely? I did it because I want to see my daughter’s life unfold and maybe hold a grandchild or two, and that wouldn’t have happened.

Incidentally, the first question I had for my therapist was whether I could set the clock back.

This is her life. Stop being selfish and let her have one. And give her the estrogen back. You aren’t a doctor and hormones aren’t things to mess with. If she wants off talk to an endocrinologist. It should not be done suddenly.


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