Growing more comfortable

I was driving back to work after a very nice lunch with an old friend. He and I have known each other for about twenty five years. We had a nice conversation, and we’ll get together again in a month. The restaurant was nice too, high end mexican food, really nice presentation. I got both…… Continue reading Growing more comfortable

What does transgender really mean?

Transgender is a wide umbrella. All it really means is that your sex and your inward felt gender aren’t in sync. That need not be severe enough to cause dysphoria or even what’s called being gender non-conforming. Human’s love labels. There are lots of kinds of trans people. Some do nothing about it, they’re happy…… Continue reading What does transgender really mean?

Posted a FAQ page yesterday

For those who didn’t notice because I didn’t put it out in the blog, I posted an FAQ yesterday in hopes of having it available when answering questions on quora and a resource for people who want answers to questions. Please have a look, and if you think it’s worthwhile, please pass it along to…… Continue reading Posted a FAQ page yesterday

Are We Happier For Having Transitioned?

I posted this earlier today in Quora to a question with an agenda, at least it felt like that. The original question: Are most people who undergo a gender transition happier after transition than before it?  I’ve been doing some reading and it doesn’t seem like changing your sex makes a difference for the majority…… Continue reading Are We Happier For Having Transitioned?

So You’ve Just met one of us

Chances are we aren’t the first transgender person you’ve  met. Very many of us pass largely undetected around you, yes, even in bathrooms and locker rooms and dressing rooms, both male and female. We simply don’t look remarkable. I look like a woman, I don’t look like a guy, act like a guy, dress like…… Continue reading So You’ve Just met one of us

The Realities of a Woman’s Life at Work

Today is my third birthday as a full time woman, and for the last six months or so I would call myself post transition. Over that period of time  thoughts about being trans or wanting to talk about trans issues have dwindled down to little or nothing. Feelings of being different aren’t much anymore. It…… Continue reading The Realities of a Woman’s Life at Work

Overcoming Imperfection

(from Quora) When I came out to my rabbi, after I had stopped sobbing uncontrollably, one of the next things I said was that I could never be a real woman. Some time passed by. A couple of months later I was seeing a therapist for gender dysphoria and expressed the same feeling. My therapist…… Continue reading Overcoming Imperfection