Overcoming Imperfection

(from Quora)

When I came out to my rabbi, after I had stopped sobbing uncontrollably, one of the next things I said was that I could never be a real woman. Some time passed by.

A couple of months later I was seeing a therapist for gender dysphoria and expressed the same feeling. My therapist said I could be “close enough” and that’s my answer to you too.

I’m not and you won’t be a trans woman because they can’t do a perfect job making you a perfect bio woman. That’s not it. Eventually they will be able to do that, but until they can do it before birth or just after we will always be just a little different.

Don’t give up. Embrace reality but accept that you are real even if you aren’t the same. Accept that all women are not raised the same way, that not all women actually bear children or even have periods.

Accept that you can achieve joy even if it is not perfect joy.


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