Are we selfish

I’ve heard this about others, and I even heard this had circulated at work just before I had officially come out. After the email went out, but before the training meeting. That I was selfish. That so and so is selfish; why did they get married if they knew. That he’s selfish, how could he…… Continue reading Are we selfish


We are not unusual to ourselves. We know at least one transgender person really well and usually a good number of other ones. It isn’t uncommon for us to know other transgender people’s stories either. This should not come as a surprise. Is doesn’t, right? For people meeting us this is often not true. We…… Continue reading Unicorns

Yom Hashoah

Or Yom HaZikaron. Holocaust day or the day of remembrance, but in both cases remembering the 6 million jews that died in Nazi germany. While not the only genocidal act ever committed it has the dubious honor of being one specifically targeting a group of people for their faith and systematically and efficiently destroying them.…… Continue reading Yom Hashoah

Why you should always hope

My friends, especially those in pain of mind or body or soul. Gut wrenching or that small ins insidious pain that keeps you up at night. The mental anguish that robs you of sleep. I wrote this a few months ago: Pain, it focuses my mind, my eyes, It instructs and separates that which can…… Continue reading Why you should always hope

Why after three years full time?

Here I am, pretty comfortable in my skin. I would say I’m post transition, but the truth is that there are still small changes and accommodations still happening over time. Adjustments between my daughter and me is still going on, but at least we’re talking some. I’m unrecognizable from before. I’ve gotten a kick out…… Continue reading Why after three years full time?

Memories from 2014 – Q3 and Q4

This was the calm before the storm, the last hurrah before things got exciting again. Up to the Spring when I hit the 1 year mark full time both P and I knew that I couldn’t go to have surgery anyway. The WPATH requirements are a minimum of 1 year living continuously in your new…… Continue reading Memories from 2014 – Q3 and Q4