Are we selfish

I’ve heard this about others, and I even heard this had circulated at work just before I had officially come out. After the email went out, but before the training meeting. That I was selfish. That so and so is selfish; why did they get married if they knew. That he’s selfish, how could he…… Continue reading Are we selfish

Why after three years full time?

Here I am, pretty comfortable in my skin. I would say I’m post transition, but the truth is that there are still small changes and accommodations still happening over time. Adjustments between my daughter and me is still going on, but at least we’re talking some. I’m unrecognizable from before. I’ve gotten a kick out…… Continue reading Why after three years full time?

A Shift

A quick statement and then to the story. I’ve been doing the blog for about eighteen months and I had a few reasons I wanted to do it. Practicing my writing on a regular basis was one, but reaching other trans people was a major one. To reach them people have to want to read…… Continue reading A Shift