Sometimes a person will go back. They will decide that having gone from Jim to Jane they want to be Jim again. If they are doing this early in the process then really it may be for the best – you don’t always know until you’re knee deep how you feel about it. It isn’t even that they are going to be as they were before, it’s just that they find out that they don’t want to transition.

Others though wait much longer, and their reasons may be substantially different. They may indeed feel that they made a mistake in having transitioned, and depending on what they’ve done in terms of intervention they can return more or less to where they were. Such actual mistakes are not so common with the WPATH standards in place. What may be more common is trying to recapture what’s lost.

One of the well known stories in the community is that of Mike Penner. He transitioned and became Christine Daniels and by all accounts was fairly happy. A year later she detransitioned and not too long after that committed suicide.

I don’t think anyone really knows what was in Penner’s heart, what wasn’t found in transitioning, and what wasn’t redeemed by detransitioning.

Whether someone transitions or decides later to detransition we should support them. These are not easy decisions and they are both made at the cost of pain.

The only truly sad thing is if someone detransitions to recapture what is truly lost, lost family, friends, and community. If they are gone, they are probably not returning.

You know, there are good and bad things about being a woman. I like the good part, and I avoid the bad as I can. I can be wistful on occasion of being able to pee standing up, have completely dry underwear, be able to jog to get somewhere quick without by boobs getting in the way, or have to keep a real eye on being treated fairly.

On the other hand I like the clothing and jewelry. I like being friends with woman and most of all I like not being uncomfortable being myself.

So I guess I stay this way.


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