Why Cross Dressers aren’t Trans and Caitlyn Jenner is

I find myself this morning eating my Cheerios with some almond milk. My iPad is playing a video on YouTube with this guy talking about a video he’s playing. In it some woman is explaining her objections to trans people and confusing some things together.

The male commentator made a disparaging remark about Caitlyn Jenner. I watched for another minute. Made a comment in the comments section, finished breakfast and headed off to work where I’m currently designing some user interfaces. I’ve literally done everything from CPU design to Software Architecture to User interface design to Software Engineering. Sure I’m a technologist, but I’m a pretty broad one. (not that! meaning of broad)

This was my actual response, I left off an insult. I’m not proud when I use profanity:

No such thing as gender euphoria. Caitlyn Jenner is indeed a trans women. Having a penis isn’t a deciding factor. Look at his story, which goes back twenty or more years. What she’s calling gender euphoria is what’s called cross dressing. It is not a diagnostic criteria for being transgender. She’s also behind on psychiatric diagnosis, medical changes in transition and the right words, just look up the word terf. And her statistics are far off. I assure her, I would have much preferred stayed a man if I could have.

She confounded a fraction of .0006 as a percentage. The percentage of transgender people is thought to lie between .3% and .6% and that yields a fraction of .0003 to .0006 of the overall population.


I’m not a big fan, she hasn’t worked or hasn’t been successful in being feminine in her movements or done much of anything with her voice. She horrifies much of the LGBT community by supporting the republicans and the biggest horror show for many is that she has money.

I hate to say this but none of that has the least to do with whether she’s transgender. I think she’s had too much plastic surgery, but that’s her decision. I think she has nothing in common with me and I have nothing in common with trans girls dumped out of their parent’s homes to support themselves as best they can.

I think we all know that about 75% of trans women still have their penis. Some can’t afford the surgery,  some aren’t good candidates and some just don’t want it.

Cross Dressers

But then this woman is going on about gender euphoria, which is not a medical term, but I’m taking it to be a description of the sexual pleasure most cross dressers get from being dressed. Hey, fine by me.

However, she’s entirely right on that and that they identify as men. In identifying as men they by definition can’t be transgender. You can be transgender and be a cross dresser, but being a cross dresser doesn’t make you trans, and I frankly don’t like the idea of sharing the ladies room with a hairy 250 lb guy wearing a mini skirt (and I actually have shared the bathroom with cross dressers at a trans conference or two – special cases you know).

Do I think cross dressers are dangerous in a ladies room? Probably not, but they don’t need to be there. They aren’t living their lives 24/7 as women. They dress up for a period of time and the limitations of beard cover keeps any outings down to a short number of hours. If they have an emergency using a family bathroom or other single use bathroom seems reasonable.

The serious objection I have is that, for the lack of a better word, lay people have a tremendously difficult time distinguishing between trans people, cross dressers and drag queens. They’re all very different, but for someone who doesn’t really know they look like they’re the same. Especially when the word transgender keeps getting misused and misappropriated.

That means that the people attacking trans people use pictures of the cross dressers, who are clearly men (especially the pictures they will choose) for their propaganda, and they’ll scare people. The worst part is they are not entirely wrong because we don’t really agree on a strict definition – there does actually need to be a practical limit.


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