Some idiotic comments about why we “want” to be trans

I was looking at comments on YouTube and if it were possible my eyes would have rolled out of my head. Enjoy!

men do this because it’s easier to be a women in a gynocentric society. that’s how oppressed men are they are willing to become women

— and —

There’s more benefits to being a woman in society. That’s why more men are switching over. Pretty soon as a guy, you’ll be seeing nothing but women and you will have no clue which one of them was born male or female. This civilization is coming to a fucking end lol.

Really? This is a gynocentric society? Tell that to all the women not getting justice for sexual assault, passed over for promotions, having their healthcare taken away by men deciding what’s ok and so on.

I have always thought that Bruce Jenner went girlie because he could no longer stand to have the Kardasian women get all the attention. He could no longer get enough media attention with his dusty Gold Medals, so he chose to get attention by pretending to become a woman as a middle aged man. And of course the media whores just went right along with it. I do believe that there are individuals who truly feel they were born in the wrong bodies, and hope they can start their transitions as young as safety permits. I just don’t think Bruce is one of them. He just wanted the attention.

I do find this an interesting meme. To the best of my knowledge Caitlyn struggled with gender issues right back to the 70s when she was in the Olympics. On the other hand this person isn’t throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

During the last days of the Roman Empire, a lot of men became manginas. They didn’t want to serve in the army, so they could cut their thumbs off, and do everything to not go into the army. Not only that, they were also lazy welfare recipients. The government paid for their living expenses, and they didn’t want to contribute to society. As a result, the civilization collapsed. Men wanting to be transgender, men not wanting to work hard, men not wanting to study difficult subjects, and men wanting to live off the government. We are seeing all of these things now

Interesting. I wonder if this fellow knows that the Holy Roman Empire lasted until something like 400AD? I’m not aware of the Romans providing a welfare state or any of the stuff this guy wrote. I suppose I could have missed this in my reading but I smell a pile of manure. See this blog’s entry about the fall of Rome, seems a bit more credible.

In any case he’s wrong about modern times. Nobody wants to be transgender.



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