A Shift

A quick statement and then to the story. I’ve been doing the blog for about eighteen months and I had a few reasons I wanted to do it. Practicing my writing on a regular basis was one, but reaching other trans people was a major one. To reach them people have to want to read the posts and in that I think I’m not particularly successful. I have a reasonable number of followers but a typical post is only read by 5 or 10 people, maybe 15 if you count in facebook.

I’d like to grow that so I looked and what was working and what wasn’t working. Aside from a couple of posts that were popular because they were bizarre (panty gussets of all things) or scurrilous, what seemed to hit the mark was story based posts about my experience rather than didactic posts about facts and opinions.

Therefore I’m going to move to that direction and to the extent there’s information to be had, it will be integral to experience rather than some sort of checklist, and the posts will be about me and not abstract.


One thought on “A Shift

  1. You forget that some people also subscribe so they get your posts in an email. They may not leave a comment, so you may have more readers than you think. I know the frustration where you think you have a message to share, but you feel no one is listening. As it turns out, I had followers all around the world. I get your posts in an email. Most of the time I am shaking my head going yup, that’s us. Every now and then I do respond to you, Heather, or any of the other writers who have the courage to put themselves out there on the front lines and potentially a target for hate. I took the time to write a whole series, Not a Life Choice. It was well received. My blog on bathroom bills saw 43 hits on the first day. I cross post to Facebook and didn’t see any hits there, so was getting disillusioned. Mind you, I have written a long time and received a Golden Note for online writing as a columnist for an online mag. Even there where I had a large following, I got disillusioned because I felt I was having no effect. Yet, in the end, someone reminded me that sometimes it takes a while for a seed to grow. An acorn doesn’t become a mighty oak overnight. So take heart, that even those that we think people aren’t taking note of, could possibly be seeds for someone else’s transformation.
    My heart to your heart, one heart, one spirit.
    “Lady” Emma


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