Why you should always hope

My friends, especially those in pain of mind or body or soul. Gut wrenching or that small ins insidious pain that keeps you up at night. The mental anguish that robs you of sleep. I wrote this a few months ago:

it focuses my mind, my eyes,
It instructs and separates that which can reduce it, and all the rest that passes by
I scream, but pain doesn’t care. She wears her leather vest and sneers
an eternity passes while pain endures
at last, damp with sweat we sit up and watch the dawn appear
hope rekindles in these tired hearts
as they walk hand in hand toward the sunrise

Yet that is what pain is to me. It is a personal experience, not a shared one.

At its best pain unites us in many ways. In shared experience of difficulties tinged with hope. Shared striving against those who would deny us our birthrights or our freedom. Pain can be the necessary fire to fuel our efforts without which we lie dormant on the cinders of the spent energy of days gone by, maybe then our best days, the days of our idealism come to naught.

At its worst pain can be an overwhelming crushing force that hammers us in place like a nail, a giant’s gaze fixing us in place afraid to move as if to move the slightest bit would risk oblivion.

When that pain does not end you might think it never will, you might think your world will never heal. That trees, bushes and grasses will ever overtake those hillsides covered in ash and soot and turn them back to gardens where your children can safely play.

I’m here, I’m here to say there is hope. No matter how dim the day. There is hope as long as your eyes open and the sun shine. There is hope while you still live and breathe for the world to become a better place.

Who are we “Standing as dwarves on the shoulders of giants*” to truly understand a clear vision of the past much less the future. Let us hope that truth will ultimately win the day, compassion guide people’s hands and righteousness guide their minds in all things.


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