What’s wrong with McHugh

In the 1970s John’s Hopkins was one of the places you could go to have reassignment surgery performed. The procedure was essentially the same, although there have been many improvements since. However, one notable improvement in the process had not happened yet. The Benjamin rules hadn’t taken over. Virtually anyone could ask for the surgery…… Continue reading What’s wrong with McHugh

Makeup – how many companies are there really?

Not many. Really not many. Here are some lists of who owns what. I’m intentionally omitting some of the other brands that are just nail polish like Essie (L’Oreal), or hair products, etc. L’Oreal Lancome, L’Oreal, Shu Uemera, Urban Decay, It, Maybelline, NYX, The Body Shop Estee Lauder Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Mac, Smashbox,…… Continue reading Makeup – how many companies are there really?

This letter makes me so sad

In a response about a pro-LGBT woman in Carlisle, MA an anonymous mom writes a rather long letter talking about why what we do is all so wrong. It is, in many ways, a very illuminating view of many on the “anti” LGBT side. It bears understanding because most such people are not the monsters we…… Continue reading This letter makes me so sad

Buying Clothing – tops

Tops come in a variety of configurations. Many more than for men. For men there are about 4, tank, polo, t-shirt and button down. There are some less common ones more aimed at sports like jerseys. For women there are that many kind of tops with thin straps. Some tops are meant to be worn…… Continue reading Buying Clothing – tops

True Selves? A four year consideration

I remember reading people’s blogs and watching vlogs and them talking about their “true selves”. For awhile I wondered what they were talking about. The first year of therapy had me feeling a bit split between male and female characteristics and seeking integration to feel whole. As I transitioned I’d tell people that my old…… Continue reading True Selves? A four year consideration

Memories – 2015 Jan to Oct

At this point I was fairly settled in at work, and P and I were still in the “honeymoon” were no definite decision could be made about SRS. I was still entertaining the notion we could find a way to stay married even if not romantically. There were signs this probably wasn’t practical, but we…… Continue reading Memories – 2015 Jan to Oct

The Lost and Found

Down the sidewalks, run do we Past the hardware store Past O’Malley’s pub we see A drunk sleeping as he snores Here’s not where our mind does fly Caught in reverie Lying in our past besides Old waters whole and free There we ran down corridors Built of steel and glass All we thought was…… Continue reading The Lost and Found