The Last Step

A few hours ago a door closed on my old life. Many things have changed over the years, but this is particularly poignant. I received a letter, a thick letter, from the Vital Statistics office in Albany, NY and it contained a document saying that a female child Rachel was born to my parents on my birthday.

I always had felt I wouldn’t do this. Not because it was not in some sense true – and growing truer in my estimation year by year as I find that my lifetime of behaviors and inner world mirrors that of my sisters and not of my brothers. No, it was in deference to my family and to anyone doing genealogy. Besides that I just had felt it not needed.

Then I’ve watched as ignorance and fear has progressively taken over from reasoned discussion and I decided that safety trumped the other concerns, and I might as well feel closure too.

The remaining records? I guess someone can scour the school system in my home town.


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