This letter makes me so sad

In a response about a pro-LGBT woman in Carlisle, MA an anonymous mom writes a rather long letter talking about why what we do is all so wrong. It is, in many ways, a very illuminating view of many on the “anti” LGBT side. It bears understanding because most such people are not the monsters we really wish to paint them as.

Most people are tempted to vilify all of these people with a single brush, but this would be a disservice I believe. Sure, there are plenty of homophobes and transphobes in the world who want to kill us, and I would give them no forgiveness. But there are those that truly they believe are doing right.

About the letter though. First she characterizes being gay like this: “extremely dangerous behavior of homosexuality” and goes on to say “homosexuality is a behavior; no one is born homosexual”. Yet if you understand that  this fundamental mistake is in place, that people “choose” to be homosexual (or trans) then the rest makes sense in a rational way.

I encourage those who read this to post respectful comments in response to the article. Be compassionate, nothing is to be gained with accusations.


One thought on “This letter makes me so sad

  1. I always get angry at such posts and it’s hard to hold back and wait until I sorted my thoughts to be able to write a respectful comment. Responding with hate ends up with them staying the same. Being nice can make people start to think again and change their mind.


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