The LGBT contagion?

There’s an interesting trope amongst those who don’t know us in the LGBT community, especially among those who are against the LGBT community. That concept is that we somehow wish to proselytize people into our “lifestyle”, especially children. This is never, of course, presented with cogent argument, rather with vacuous rhetoric about everyone promoting being gay or trans and us wanting special rights and wishing to destroy marriage as an institution.

It would be funny if people didn’t take it seriously. This is the same kind of idiocy that believes telling children about sex leads to them having sex. God forbid you should discuss anything beyond penis in vagina sex in health ed because we all know that “normal” people would never engage in any of that other behavior.

Meanwhile we have kids believing that oral sex isn’t sex and girls thinking that having anal sex is maintaining their virginity. We have ignorance on the part of adults and kids alike about how STDs are spread and what precautions should be taken and when.

It is this insidious mode of thinking that makes people believe that instead of being caring parents who want their kids to grow up healthy and whatever they want to be, that instead gay and lesbian parents have some sort of agenda to turn their children gay. Aside from ignoring the medical facts about the source of sexual orientation, how do people get these ideas in their heads?

I’ve written before that from what I’ve read most of us who are somehow variant with what the mainstream thinks is normal (heteronormative, men being masculine and women being feminine) have tried in some way to avoid being seen as less than “normal”. It isn’t a wonder looking at how much LGBT youth are bullied and abused including sexually that they would want to avoid that.

With this in mind, that we’ve grown up being treated badly for something well out of our control, why would we try to push a child to be gay or trans? (not that it’s possible) The answer is, of course, that we wouldn’t. We want our children to be who they want to be.

Some say people who are LGBT aren’t qualified to be good parents. I have yet to see them suggest why. I do think it is important for children to have both male and female role models, but do those have to be their parents? Meanwhile these critics happily stand aside while parents they approve of throw their gay and trans children out the door.

I’m a parent, and while I haven’t always been open about being trans, I’ve always been trans. I’m told that I was a good father; I know that I cared a great deal about our daughter, sang her to sleep at night, read her stories and provided discipline when it was required. Mostly I provided love and encouragement. Her mom did the same. She’s grown and well adjusted and productive.

I don’t buy the notion that only one kind of family is perfect. There are good and bad examples of any configuration you care to name. If you want to judge parents, then you should judge on who they are and what they do, not the labels that society affixes to them.


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