Behind the stairs she hides at night,
To behold she is a fright,
Her hair it waves about, around
And falls six feet to the ground

Up in her tower dark and bare,
No sound of music in the air,
The land weighed down by shadows grim,
An evil forest there within

A prince of fae does appears
Astride a mount all whiskers, ears,
He rides the cat around, around
Until thrice he circles tower round

“Lower your tresses to the ground”
And there I’ll find I’m lost, you’re found
Up he climbed the golden rope
Into the tower with hop and hope

Suddenly the fae appeared,
he grew six feet from toes to ears
And said: “Hail maiden, I am come”
“to save you from the wicked ones”

She look out on the forest deep
Where creatures dark, they do not sleep
All equipped with weapons fierce
They charge the tower by moonlights’ reach

The prince takes the maiden by her hands
“Now follow well, all my commands”
“If saved you be this stormy night”
“We must have wings to flee the fight”

The swung about in circles great
Faster and fast the dance of fate
The wind it came up like a gail
The prince and she flew with a sail

As they flew the land it changed
A world of wonder, all arranged
It was not her earth so fond, so fair
But land of fairy so wondrous rare


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