SRS update @20 months

I’m just a little shy of two years since I had reassignment surgery. While I’m sure that SRS is not for every trans person, it surely has made some profound differences for me. I feel as genuine as one can feel given the circumstances. As I’m sure you understand, it is not possible at this time to become a bio female, not least of which is due to having developed as a male from the womb.

Still, while there are those who make much of whether we are “bio” females, it makes little practical difference. There is little to distinguish me from a natal woman who had a hysterectomy. I have the same hormones and for all intents the same anatomy.

The largest issue from the surgery was the development of a very thick scar at the vaginal opening. It wasn’t obvious how much trouble it was going to be at first. There was no initial problem with dilation, but I also developed a fissure, at that same area. This is probably not a coincidence, scar tissue doesn’t stretch as normal skin does.

Because the fissure was painful, dilation became problematic. I finally took a few days off so the fissure could heal – otherwise it was stretched and reopened daily. However, taking just those few days off, and this was almost a year post op, meant that I lost some diameter. I could no longer dilate with the third dilator (1.25″),

This only became a real problem as I realized I couldn’t get back to that. The scar was just too thick and wasn’t stretching. I was only able to maintain the smaller diameter. I followed up on some suggestions from my surgeon on dilating more and using my thumb to stretch the opening multiple times a day, but to no effect.

I finally decided I needed some intervention around January. The earliest I was able to see the surgeon at BMC was March. Since March there has been a litany of getting the insurance company to approve things, and because they really don’t know what they’re doing I have to produce two therapist letters and one from a doctor. That is a requirement for SRS from almost every surgeon, but it isn’t required for revisions by WPATH guidelines.

Along side all of this were other healing processes going on. Starting around seven months after surgery the sensation from the clitorus starting being pleasurable instead of annoying and/or painful. Not long after I managed to achieve an orgasm, although there was pain associated with it. Still, that was very encouraging. This wouldn’t really happen again for a bit. In fact, until pretty recently these were all tiny orgasms that lasted a few seconds or less.

The healing continued and over the last three or four months other areas are getting to be erogenously sensitive. Those include the labia, the mons veneris and at least part of the vagina. These are becoming sensitive enough to allow for at least some level of orgasm without directly touching the clit.

Then a few days ago the amplification got turned way up and much milder stimulation is needed now.

My breasts still have a bit of numbness. I don’t know if that will go away entirely. Placing the implants (as I understand it) causes nerves to be damaged, and those nerves regrow at about 1mm a day.

All in all it seems to be coming together reasonably well. I would never have imagined that the body was so able to reconfigure the  nerves to produce what is a notably different sensation than male orgasm.

I expect that the sensitivity is largely a function of how aroused one is. Before transition I felt I was in the wrong body and had largely lost the ability to function sexually, it is only after that things recovered. It is not a surprise that I am able to function now with a body that more closely matches what my mind wants to find.





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