How to think about LGBTIQ people

I look at Quora. I look at it quite a lot and I often write answers to the questions. I noticed a particular question today asking how LGBT contributes to society. There were already people making a bunch of reasonable points, but I don’t think they did a good job making the main one:

LGBTIQ, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer people are people first. period. Full stop.

Somehow society has this general xenophobia about those who are different, and that makes it  hard for them to believe that people with different color skin, or folks who come from a country with a different language and who don’t yet speak English, or who walk around with odd clothing that’s unfamiliar like headscarves or turbans share the same basic human values.

Let’s say for the sake of argument I identify as a lesbian (close enough for now). Are my values really that different from a cis straight woman’s values?   Do I somehow believe different things just because of who I want to sleep with?

Further, how important is sex? Let’s not forget that those labels are primarily about sex in some way whether it is in the form of orientation, the form of gender non-conformity or the form of physical non-conformity.

Don’t most of us spend most or much of the day pursuing things other than sex? I hope so. I hope we’re raising our kids, being productive, seeking entertainment or doing hobbies. Discussing politics or religion with close friends or TV shows with those we don’t know so well.

I sometimes despair when I hear a national leader say something disparaging about an entire culture. I do despair when our leaders have no outrage in response to reprehensible acts of physical and emotional violence.

Let’s just keep the channels open and keep reminding them that we are people above all else. We love our partners, our children, our cities and towns and the country that makes us free to be who we are.


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