The Greenies and the Meenies

There was a little town and a little child named Roy,
and Roy was growing up to be a happy little boy,
One day he asked his grandad about the stuff he’d seen,
A bunch of people waving signs that purple people all were mean

Grandad looked at him and said “You and I are Greenies son”
and Greenies are the best, each and everyone
the Purple meenies want, all that they can get
take our homes and wreck our cars and never do no work

Now Roy he was smart for a little boy of eight
he look right at Grandpa and he said “now just you wait”
have you ever seen a Purple meenie do what you have said?
all the pictures I see on the TV all have said

“Meenies should go home to the meenie old home land
Leave us good green goodies in this goody goody land,
And then there were pictures of those greenies being bad
Beating up the meenies just as if they were bad

“Son the Grandpa soon explained, “You just don’t understand”,
They just don’t speak like us, they’re from a foreign land,
I heard it straight from our leader,   tall spring onion by name
and I really do trust him all the same

Well little Roy he wandered off with a frown upon his face
and wondered how his Grandpa could be made to stand disgraced
to be convinced of libels, to be driven to do sins
to not allow these suffering people in


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