Dating Men? (part 1)

Oh dear, so I’ve always intended to try this (gulp) but now here I’ve gone and actually put a profile out there on a paid dating site. Because it’s paid I may get weirdo’s but I’m not getting much of the 20 yr old (or 30 or whatever) scam artists. I originally intended to wait until all the issues were resolved but it has been pointed out to me that when it comes to the , umm, bedroom kinda issues I can set the speed. Heaven knows that when it comes to guys the only speed they want is fast.

Surprisingly a good number of them have looked at my profile and a bunch showed interest and a few sent messages. Who knew – they aren’t picky or I’m doing ok for my age.

One I rejected out of hand. “A mature 31 year old” who opined very highly of how nice I looked although he used a more emotionally charged word. OK Romeo, find a girl your own age who can keep up with you. It also seemed like a bit of a comeon but honestly, in between those intense few minutes sessions, what would we talk about? He wouldn’t remember any president before Bush Jr.

My plan is to be safe. Meet him somewhere public, make my plans known to a friend, have them check on me for safety and a ready escape. Move on if every is nice and feels right for a second date, otherwise have intense hair work in the way. or laundry, or cookies to bake for the Temple, or a niece’s play to go to, never mind that my niece is like 40.

In the time I take moving forward with someone where it does feel right I can figure out the whole bisexual thing. If it doesn’t click after I try this a bunch I times I can drop back to just trying to date girls and figure that boys are a pleasant fantasy for me but not so great in real life. Only real life will tell me that.


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