A Response about Biology

A response I gave on Quora to Why is physical biology not enough to determine gender in regards to gender issues there are some excellent other answers there. I encourage anyone interested to follow the link. I think the original questioner may have remove their name and subtext after the response – people hate being called out.

I also hope this will help you, if you’re thinking about transition or have a loved one who has or will, make sense of it all as part of the human experience. Something that can become part of a real and genuine life. Not an easy life, not yet, but it no longer has to be lived in the shadows.

Nobody is denying biology. I was born with male sexual organs and presumably an XY sex chromosome pair. All well and good. I had a semi normal male physical development. Absolutely nobody argues that this is not true for transgender people.

All evidence points to brain issues during gestational development causing the brains of trans people to not correspond to their bodies. Brain differentiation happens at a different time than the reproductive tract differentiation at 8 weeks. This allows for things, unfortunate things, to happen. The result is an individual whose body and mind are not in sync.

There are now many studies showing the correspondences between trans women and cis women, and trans men and cis men. These are mostly at the gross anatomical level and control for cross sex hormone use. There is one at a brain connectivity level as well, which is more of a functional proof.

I suggest you educate yourself on the issues before taking the stand you’re taking. This is not a “left” or “right” issue. It’s a medical issue.

As far as post transition, I have essentially a female body without a uterus, fallopian tubes or ovaries. Very much like a woman with a hysterectomy. Someday they’ll probably be able to do better. I have estrogen and virtually no testosterone in my system.

You see, the body in general does not care at all about the genes when it comes to responding to sex hormones. I have soft skin, a low amount of body hair, there is breast tissue and so on. It is not the case that I am “fake”, it is about as real as it can be. Even the genitalia corresponds to the same embryonic tissue that would have been there. Nature is frugal, she doesn’t invent new things when they aren’t necessary.


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