Where have the years gone

It seems like yesterday we were having that party in the backyard. A big cookout with lots of friends. The gag gifts were still funny at 40, the funky walking stick, tombstone candles, senior citizen gag cards. At fifty the gag gifts started to be really too close to home. AARP started their regular mailings…… Continue reading Where have the years gone

And still worse

I posted this on facebook: Donald Trump has truly presented the kind of petty person he is. He is this sociopath picking on what is already one of the most victimized groups in our society. Transgender men and women have barely reached equity and not even on a national level. There are states where we…… Continue reading And still worse

How Silent Can We Be?

I fail to understand, I truly do. I lived through the 60s and 70s. I watched people march on Washington for civil rights for people of color, equal rights for women, against institutional and governmental injustice. I was called unpleasant names that are no longer acceptable in modern times. Where are they now? The modern…… Continue reading How Silent Can We Be?

Leave the Crucible Behind

There come times in all lives when we face difficulties and there are times when those difficulties are over. While there may always be those for whom recounting them will have value, there are many more who want to hear more positive news. It doesn’t matter what the ordeal was. The bout with cancer, mine…… Continue reading Leave the Crucible Behind


Will this be the opening shot of a war that goes down in history? One against the vile ideas of another time that these hateful people that Donald Trump’s america has rebranded as the alt-right. The ‘alt-right’ because it sells better than the former brand ‘White Supremacist’. Trump knows all about branding. I don’t care…… Continue reading Charlottesville

Squeezable Me

I was feeling like an over squeezed tube of toothpaste at one point. However, let us go back to the start. I was seeing my endocrinologist and along with the sticker for being a good girl who didn’t cry (I wanted a blue one even those she said pink is for girls, but *I* wanted…… Continue reading Squeezable Me