Most of us would rather the past be the past, but I keep seeing these questions, “Can I transition at 50, 60, 70?” or more startling, “Can I still transition at 20?” and the answer to all is a resounding yes! Most of the reasons for transitioning are internal. They are about making you congruent, not about fulfilling some societal expectation of what an ideal woman should look like or  might theoretically be.

It definitely, most definitely, is not about being the girl in the photograph, one who might not even exist in reality. The one who’s boobs are held up by a bra that has been photoshopped out, the tummy that has been additional flattened, that has been reduced from an already impossible 0 to a what, 000?

One of the main concerns is, of course passing. “Will I pass” I can’t tell you. I can tell you that nobody can look at you and know absolutely for sure, but if you already have feminine features (I did) the chances are, I’m guess, greater. However, there are always other interventions. Remember though, you are doing this for you, so you only need to satisfy you.

As much as I hesitate, because it is, in fact, a bit painful, I think it is instructive for you to see me before transition, 6 months in, two years in and now. Here I am before, not an entirely happy camper, but I wasn’t always unhappy. I think this was before I was  clinically depressed. Perhaps about seven years ago.

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My prior self

About six months in this picture was taken. Absolutely perfect lighting, it certainly made me look good – better than I really looked truthfully. But it gives you an idea how much change can happen.

Apr 2014 (1mo Full Time)

After two years, this picture was taken in much more normal lighting at my hairdressers. It provides a much more realistic idea of the progression.


At this point I had stopped seeing any indications of being taken for anything but female in public. Doors were held open, I got the odd bit of flirtation and all that sort of thing.

This last photo is from today. It has really helped me because the glasses create enough of a break from my old appearance that I can see I look like a woman. It is a great place to be.

Total makeup in this photo is light foundation to even things out, lipstick and a cream blush. For those learning to do makeup please notice that the makeup doesn’t scream out at you – that is how it should look.

I know a  woman never tells, but perhaps here it is important to say that I started my transition in my middle 50s.



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