To Take a Knee

Up to now the protest on the part of the football players has been somewhat abstract for me. I have been sympathetic for sure, but it didn’t touch me directly. I was appalled at how a clear statement about the continuation of bigotry, prejudice and inequality under the laws of the USA being peacefully demonstrated could be turned by our president into a mockery.

Then I read a story about a professor who’s lawsuit was dismissed under the revised Justice department rulings that removed gender identity from the list of protected classes under title vii.

I will join the protest and no longer stand for the anthem or recite the pledge. My country has decided I have no civil rights by saying that if someone violates them they will not protect me. They are fine with me being trampled upon.

What really frightens me is how close I came to that professor’s situation. I was being shunned and discriminated against at work, and only through my own efforts managed to find a different job. The alternative would have been a suit. Yet if that had been my recourse I’d be finding my suit dismissed as without merit by the current administration.

I think people forget that the primary reasons for rights like free speech, a free press, freedom of peaceable assembly, is for political action. It allows citizens to discuss and debate issues. It is incredibly dangerous that our current administration is trying to brand these ultimate tools of a democracy as something nefarious, and worrying that he’s picking away at LGBT rights.


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