Revision Surgery Update 10/13

Not a great deal to say. I went to see the surgeon about a week ago. Everything way healing normally. I’ve passed that early stage of aches and pains, and I can now go back to things like ibuprofen or naproxen for my odd attacks of joint pain.

I had some minor feedback from the surgery; I had asked the urologist, Dr Oates, to have a look at my urethra and the urethral meatus. Everything’s normal there, so no further corrections are needed.

There were two other things I would have liked to have had done. One I’m told is not possible, although my original surgeon has told me he has ways to do it. That is to extend the rather miniscule labia minora I have. The other is, as they described it a hole at the apex of my labia majora. It isn’t really unsightly, but they would have needed to transplant some fat cells and apparently comments made a few weeks before never made it to the surgeon :(.

I don’t feel either is worth having another surgery for. I definitely thought it worth it to have them addressed if I was already under a general, but not to go through the hassle and risk for a purely cosmetic change.

The scar tissue (yup, all healing is basically scar tissue) should have decent strength at six weeks when I see him again. Full strength and complete healing takes a year.

What remains is a checkup and for the dissolvable stitches to fall out.


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