Smoothieboard (3d printer saga continues)

You think you have things (sorta) figured out. You buy the replacement parts and you recite your mantra; enjoy the holidays. I had another shot of my friend’s JW Blue label scotch and my sense of smell was on. A remarkable smoky note plus a bunch of other harder to describe flavors. Christmas morning I…… Continue reading Smoothieboard (3d printer saga continues)

The 3D printer is (temporarily) busted

I was getting the inductive probe working. After I tried my circuit, which worked but wasn’t quite reliable enough I decided to go back to the simpler resistor voltage divide option. Easy and foolproof. It took me too tries because you really should give yourself enough prototype board to work with. It is hard enough…… Continue reading The 3D printer is (temporarily) busted

The Toranado Extruder

The 3d printer project continues unabated as does my introduction to these new things as well as the reintroduction to things I haven’t seen (if they even existed) since college.  It really is a blast. The Extruder The Toranado Precision Extruder is a continuing project to improve on the relatively crappy extruders that are supplied with…… Continue reading The Toranado Extruder

Fifteen years of stress

My father moved in with us a few weeks before my daughter’s bat mitzvah. There I was, parked outside of his Briarcliff Manor, NY apartment with my 1997 Ford Taurus. We packed as much as the car would hold and left the rest for my sister and brother in law to sort out. It was…… Continue reading Fifteen years of stress

Transitioning at Work

This is a tough subject. I don’t wish to recount anybody’s exact story, nor give an example with a specific company as a target. All these things tend to be continuously in motion. In a big company, or even in a modest size company your experience is likely to mostly depend on the people you…… Continue reading Transitioning at Work