Has the Show “New Girl” Jumped the Shark?

Here I am, far afield. I’m no media critic, but I am a long time fan of the show New Girl. I’ve always enjoyed the main character played by Zooey Deschanel. I sometimes wonder if she started the style of light wing back glasses we see a lot of these days.

The writing until last season has been engaging but starting last season you started to wonder how they were going to transition the story from a story fundamentally about the friction between three men living with a cute woman, to a story of two or three couple. In my opinion, not very well.

The Big Bang Theory has had the same problem (exactly the same problem right now to the dynamics) but has managed to keep some edge to the writing while transitioning the show from a story mostly about Leonard and Penny and Sheldon, to a story about two soon to be three married couples. I just hope BBT will be smarter about stopping than New Girl when their time comes.

To me, New Girl should have stopped at the end of last season at latest. There’s no natural plot line remaining. Where’s the ongoing story with Nick as a writer having adventures? One direction they could go would be to bring babies in fairly quickly along with humorous bad parenting. Maybe Nick and Jessica have amazing foreign travels researching a book idea. But I just watched a lame episode about the one year anniversary of the pet cat’s death and the emotional high point was Jessica thinking she had killed the cat.

The wikipedia page shows ratings that make me wonder why they’ve kept it going as long as they have. Compared to BBT, which has kept almost 20m viewers each season (an admittedly super popular show) NG started at 5m and dropped to 2m in the third season and only has slowly gone down from there.

In any case, they seem to have lost their way and this fan isn’t too sure she’s going to watch the whole season to find out what they do about it.


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