Biological Sex – a political landmine

There re those, and for awhile I was one, who say biological sex doesn’t exist. Supporting this is the reality that most of your body couldn’t care one fig what your chromosomes say. The exception was the development of your ovaries or testes or possibly the ovo-testes that form in the development of some intersex…… Continue reading Biological Sex – a political landmine

Hard Youth

There are many fine things about being young, robust good health, beauty, and the ease that we take on friends and lovers. Youth feels immortal, like it too will not succumb as we age, always feeling young in our hearts. Youth questions authority and often sneers at institutions like the government or organized religion. However,…… Continue reading Hard Youth

But *how* do I start

An open letter to a woman who has just emerged You might be as I was, in middle years and finding gender dysphoria as a kind of torture. It arrived for me slowly; slowly enough that I did not at first see the train approaching through the fog. I fancied I was “just thinking” about…… Continue reading But *how* do I start

My life as a transgender child

The earliest memories I have firmly in my brain start around age 4 ¬†or 5. What memories I have from earlier are more glimpses but nothing immersive. I might remember a single scene and there are very, very few of these. Around age 6 or 7 I have this distinct memory of being in a…… Continue reading My life as a transgender child

What’s wrong with McHugh

In the 1970s John’s Hopkins was one of the places you could go to have reassignment surgery performed. The procedure was essentially the same, although there have been many improvements since. However, one notable improvement in the process had not happened yet. The Benjamin rules hadn’t taken over. Virtually anyone could ask for the surgery…… Continue reading What’s wrong with McHugh

Makeup – how many companies are there really?

Not many. Really not many. Here are some lists of who owns what. I’m intentionally omitting some of the other brands that are just nail polish like Essie (L’Oreal), or hair products, etc. L’Oreal Lancome, L’Oreal, Shu Uemera, Urban Decay, It, Maybelline, NYX, The Body Shop Estee Lauder Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Mac, Smashbox,…… Continue reading Makeup – how many companies are there really?

Buying Clothing – tops

Tops come in a variety of configurations. Many more than for men. For men there are about 4, tank, polo, t-shirt and button down. There are some less common ones more aimed at sports like jerseys. For women there are that many kind of tops with thin straps. Some tops are meant to be worn…… Continue reading Buying Clothing – tops