Transition and GRS work well

A question that appears fairly often on Quora is about whether people regret transition and in particular GCS. The question is a good one from a lay viewpoint since even a naive knowledge realizes that such surgery is largely irreversible. The focus is, like many of these questions, on the MtF transitioner, ignoring FtM. FtM…… Continue reading Transition and GRS work well

Advice on obtaining GCS

You need to follow the standards of care set out by WPATH. You will have to be living full time for a minimum of a year and on HRT for at least a year if there is no medical reason not to. You will need recommendation letters from a therapist or psychologist plus a medical…… Continue reading Advice on obtaining GCS

How to be a good friend to trans people

Or… how to be a good friend to anyone who is in some way different or out of the norm. I answered a question on Quora about why it “sucks” to be trans and answering a friend’s comment realized that most of the problem roots in the difference of trans people from the norm and…… Continue reading How to be a good friend to trans people

The Toranado Extruder

The 3d printer project continues unabated as does my introduction to these new things as well as the reintroduction to things I haven’t seen (if they even existed) since college.  It really is a blast. The Extruder The Toranado Precision Extruder is a continuing project to improve on the relatively crappy extruders that are supplied with…… Continue reading The Toranado Extruder

Spotting Scam Artists

If you’re like me, you’re rebuilding. Especially relationships of various kinds. The reasons why are abundantly clear, if we don’t we can have some mighty miserable times, especially around the holidays. Disconnected from old friends, in my case married friends, I’m not invited to events they’ve planned, others, newer friendships that are just starting to…… Continue reading Spotting Scam Artists


i don’t watch the TLC  program about Jazz growing up. Not because she isn’t a bright lovely person but because as a transperson with her own lived experience and plenty of others stories read, the desire to add one more just isn’t there. Still, I knew from ads on TLC that the new season started…… Continue reading Vaginoplasty

What it means to be supported

We can be pretty confused human beings when we start our transition. Everything is changing and we want it done now. But it isn’t  something that happens in a month, or a year. It happens over a few years give or take. It depends on the person. I personally think of transition in three parts:…… Continue reading What it means to be supported